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With Antony Curtis Ba (Hons), DSFH, MNCH Reg, OA Dip CBT

Where modern clinical solution focused hypnotherapy helps you quickly and easily in a stress free, friendly and confidential environment

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What I Specialise In

Remove Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Depression

Stop unwanted habits and addictions

Improve confidence, ability and performance

Improve sleep

Improve performance and focus in sport & work

Treat Internal & External conditions

Pain management

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'The mind is everything. What we think, we become'     Buddha

At Work

Business Well-being and Mental Health

Mental health and well-being in the work place is important now more than ever. With increasing diversity of working patterns and places, it makes it harder for employers and colleagues to help unify and support each other.


Free Online Business Well-being sessions

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Specialised support for athlete's, coaches, parents and teams can be found here.

What we'll do

1. Leave the problem behaviours in the past

2. Focus on intensifying and creating new behaviours

3. Over time those will shape the dominant pathways in the brain

4. This is achieved through solution focused questioning approach that facilitates self insight rather than through advice giving. With the added benefit of trance to make this change last

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