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For Parents

Sometimes it is so difficult being a parent, watching from the sidelines and feeling unable to help. Here, we try and offer support, guidance and useful information to help your child with their sport and most importantly, with their mind.

Hypnosis in Sport Performance

Girl Practicing Gymnastics

Two of the most important factors that limit sports performance and enjoyment are the emotions of anxiety and arousal.


As anxiety increases, the ability to focus effectively is greatly diminished. On the other hand, as arousal increases, the ability to focus narrows.


These situations are crucial because every athlete experiences anxiety and also need to reach a level of arousal to perform well.


Hypnosis can help by creating a state of relaxation that mitigates anxiety as well as creating conditions to reach the optimum level of arousal, prior and during performance.

In other words, hypnosis can train the performer to be 'intense but not tense', creating an emotional balance where great performances are born.

Find out what hypnotherapy can do to improve your performance


A guide to self-talk and helping your child

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